Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Girls in Vintage Floral Aprons

Good morning. Tina here. I am going to share with you some of my collection of vintage aprons again. This time it is florals. I have been lucky enough to use some of my younger family members as models.
First up are two granddaughters in lovely aprons that completely cover them both. This photo and the three at the end of this post are from two and a half years ago, a cookie making session near Christmas. I like to let them chose their favorite apron of the day. It is usually a different one each time, but as the years go on, they do decide on their favorites and ask for them.
This is my lovely little niece this year in the same apron shown in the older photo above. This is a light cotton floral with roses on dark blue. It is incredibly pretty, with large ruffles on the bib.
This is a nice ivy pattern on black, which my great niece is modeling for you. She did a great job. She kept saying, it's too big! I didn't have anything along that was her size, however, so she got used to it. I do have two child sized patchwork aprons which I haven't worked into a blog yet. One of these days...
The ivy apron again along with a sturdy cotton aqua number with great flowers and rickrack.
Another shot. Isn't is cute the way she is holding the pockets out? I asked them to hold out the skirts so we could see the aprons well. Only had to tell her once, and she is only just three! Fashion Week, here we come!
A nice barkcloth tropical number. The colors on this one are amazing.
Both of these vintage aprons sport rickrack and great florals. They would make super dresses for the nieces! Maybe in about 10 years I will photograph them again wearing them, perhaps they will fit by then.
This is a pretty little apron made of handkerchiefs. She just looks so precious in it. It kinda almost fits a bit. We hiked it up by her armpits. That's the secret!
Embroidered tulips and the ivy on black again. It must have been a favorite. The embroidered apron is a personal favorite of mine. I am rather fond of the "Dutch" influence in my kitchen.
We are back to cookie making with the grandkids. Takes a bit of elbow grease, as my piano teacher used to be fond of saying.
This shot shows the girls hard at work and also the well-made back on this great apron.
Come and visit again sometime to see more aprons and budding Martha Stewarts. I hope you are enjoying our lovely spring.


Julie said...

Lovely vintage aprons and even lovelier sweet granddaughters! Thanks for sharing these today!

Heidi Ann said...

What a delightful way to show us your collection! LOVED it, and I love those little girls, too!

yosemite faith said...

my gram and grandma both wore aprons all the time (except when going to town or to church) - i have lots of memories of them putting me in aprons. great models you have there!

Lorlore said...

Cute Grands and cute aprons!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughters are just TOOOOO! cute. And the aprons are modeled beautifully. I wear an apron (maid uniform) every day, but on sundays I love to swap my boring uniform apron for a floral edwardian apron I wear while helping at childrens sunday school.