Thursday, May 27, 2010

My NEW (Vintage) Teapot Napkin Holders!

Do you remember my previous post where I shared my teapot napkin holders with you?
And Tina's more recent post about her tulip napkin holders?
You know, the one where she spilled the beans?
Well - guess what? She didn't wait for my birthday; she gave them to me early, and here they are! Green:

And aqua- like the infamous "One That Got Away"!

She left them at Lori's for me, and unfortunately last weekend when I went over for a visit, she was away for the weekend to attend a wedding in southern California, so I didn't get to see her while I was there.
Thank you so much, Tina! I believe my collection may now be complete, thanks only to you.
Love you!


Tina Dawn said...

You are ever so welcome. This is even better than a thank you card. I am glad you like them. It was fun finding them for you. Great pictures! Love T

yosemite faith said...

fantastic! love the new colors and it is so cool that the gold country girls are so close and good to each other.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, the aqua one is my favorite! Twyla