Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vintage Sparkle-Ware Plastic Tulip Napkin Holders

Good morning. Gold Country Girl Big Sis Tina Dawn here. When Heidi did her blog on her Teapot Napkin Holders on March 12th, I thought - I want to do that with my Tulip Napkin Holders! I had a slight hold-up though, which I will tell you about later in this blog.
Here is a lovely light pink napkin holder. I am showing some of my vintage "Dutch" linens in the background of my photos. I am again borrowing the idea from Heidi, her shots of her Teapot Napkin Holders were so well done.
This is the most beautiful shade of blue. The hard vintage plastic items are the just the most loveliest, clearest, brightest colors. I have been collecting vintage hard plastic items for many years, and I know it was the bright colors that first caught my eye. That, and the low prices. The plastic pieces are finally becoming popular now, so the prices have gone up, but they are still affordable, usually.
Bright sunny yellow. These napkin holders were made by Sparkle-Ware in the good ol' U.S.A.
Pretty emerald green. Very spring-like. I found all these napkin holders on ebay, except for the first one I ever bought, which was red. Unfortunately, not long ago, I was attempting to get the red one down from atop a cabinet in my laundry room and I dropped it onto the washing machine, and it broke. Hard vintage plastic is VERY fragile! I still kept it for several months, even though it was broken, because I was heart broken over breaking it. Then came Heidi's blog about her Teapot Napkin Holders, and it made me go searching for another red one on ebay. I found one that was with a large amount of other items, buy it now, and they wanted way to much money. I found another buy it now red one that is in terrible condition, broken and scratched, and they still wanted a lot for it. Then finally along came a dealer in Florida who had a nice red one for sale at a good price. So I bought it and replaced my broken one. I finally threw the broken one away, but it was hard to do that... I am still so sad about breaking it.
Here is my "new" red one, none the worse for wear after it's long trip from Florida.
That is all I have for now, but like Heidi, I want some other colors. I hear tell there is a white one out there, and perhaps some other colors. So I will keep searching.
Now, don't tell Heidi, it's a secret, but when she did her post on the Teapot Napkin Holders I already had a color she didn't have, and didn't mention. Then when I went on my search for a red tulip, I found two more colors she didn't have in the teapots. So I have three new colors for her that I am trying to keep for her birthday... but since that is so far off I am probably going to give in and give them to her now. They want to be with her collection. But until then, mum's the word, okay?


Julie said...

Such adorable napkin holders--I love them!

Heidi Ann said...

Mum's the word, huh?

I LOVED seeing your collection!! You can borrow ideas from me any old time!

Lorlore said...

Secret's safe with me!!!

yosemite faith said...

loved this and heidi's post. was not 'in on' these until then. soooo cool that you find other colors for heidi ho! love your vintage dutch linens. we have holland michigan here and the tulip festival is coming up soon.

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

These are adorable! You're a good sister.