Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Gingham Love

I did a post about gingham over a year ago where I showed you the only two gingham aprons I had at the time. I haven't found any bib-style ones like the one this lady is wearing here on the cover of Woman's Day....

But I have found a few at thrift stores since that post that I wanted to share with a decent photo - like this lovely pink one:

And a pretty green with rickrack:

And an olive green with some great flowers:

And since this is a gingham post, I sure do love this vintage dress, circa 1944. Honestly, I would love to have it in every color!

These little handmade gingham toys are cute:

From McCall's magazine, this sweet little pinafore is dressed up with the addition of gingham appliques and embroidery:

This adorable gingham skirt is from a 1970 Seventeen magazine. I would have loved to have had it back in the day - so cute!

Two more gingham skirts from Seventeen: I wish this picture was in "normal" color- but you get the idea.

(And, yes, that's Susan Dey again on the left!)


Tina Dawn said...

Great gingham. Love the little bunny and turtle toys. Your aprons are great! Love T

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I love aprons because they represent so much (Mom cooking for her family in the kitchen) and because you can get them for a song.

I have one my great Aunts made, and I adore it.

Love yours too!

yosemite faith said...

check out the shoes on the girl in the gingham dress!! i have many of the aprons that my gram made.

Paul Duca said...

I learned from Pleasant Family Shopping that WOMAN'S DAY was originally published for/sold only in A&P stores--but I didn't realize that arrangement lasted until the mid 50's

Rosie said...

Love the darling aprons! Did you know that the word PINAFORE comes from PINNING (pin) it to the FRONT (afore) of you? Clever, eh?