Friday, May 21, 2010

Something Else I Found In The House

I have written numerous times before about things we have found in this 70 year old house that my husband grew up in. Just when I think there couldn't possibly be anything else - I discover something more:
An old linen calendar in pristine condition. It was rolled up tightly and stuck way in the back in the cupboard above the refrigerator. I imagine it has been there since 1964. That might sound weird to you, but please understand that we do not use this cupboard! Only stuff we nearly NEVER use is stored inside. I have too many decorative things sitting on top of the fridge in the way, and I need a ladder to see all the way into it!
Previously, I had only used a step stool, and never got high enough up to see this sitting in the very back! This calendar will be accurate again for the year 2013. It's so pretty that I decided to hang it up anyway. The only problem with it is, it's not something I could sell because it has our last name printed on in the center! Apparently, you could send away for it and get it personalized. I suppose I could make something out of it - a bag or a pillow, maybe? But I'm not sure I want to cut it up.
It's so perfect for spring with it's lovely pink birds and blooms.

Guess I'll just have to keep it.
Like that will be hard for me.
Oh - and after I found that, I found something else! There was a big box up in a closet full of old schoolwork from my husband and his brother's elementary school days. I knew it was there, but most of it didn't look terribly interesting, so I never really looked through it before. When I did, I found a large homemade envelope FULL of vintage Valentine cards!! These are from the late 40's or early 50's- and with the exception of maybe two, they are all completely different than the others I found a few years ago!!
A lot of them were still in their little original envelopes - and my husband even remembers who nearly everybody was from their first names signed on the backs.
I love them.


yosemite faith said...

you are a lucky girl and you were MEANT to end up living in this house full of treasures.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, Heidi, I wish I lived in a house where I could just find hidden treasures. That calendar is gorgeous and I nearly fell out of my chair when I seen all those vintage Valentines you found! Twyla

Jennifer D said...

It must be wonderful to live in a house full of hidden treasures!

I felt your excitment when I read about the Valentines...sooo cool.

farmlady said...

How wonderful! That calendar year holds lots of memories for me. It was a very good year and I remember it well. I met The Prospector in college that year. Yep! 1963 and we are still together.
Love all the valentines too.
what great things to find.

barncat said...

How fun to find forgotten treasures in your own house! That's a lovely calendar, and so many old Valentines, amazing!

C. Dianne Zweig said...

I can not think of anything more fun than to discover treasures right inside your own home......keep looking....

Kitsch n Stuff

Claudia said...

Love the vintage valentines - what a wonderful find.


Tina Dawn said...

What wonderful finds! I am sure there are more of them too lurking in those dark corners. Love T

Rosie said...

I'm speechless! You just dig around in your very own house and find these great treasures? What??? Are you living in a time capsule? You are one lucky lady!