Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Banana Cake

I had some very ripe bananas to use up and I decided I wanted to make some kind of a cake rather than banana bread. Even with the help of the web, I sometimes have trouble finding the exact type of recipe I have in mind. It seemed as though every recipe I found called for shortening, and I didn't have any.  Anyway, I prefer to use butter when I'm baking. I was not one hundred percent certain that if I used all butter rather than shortening is a few of the recipes I found, whether it would turn out all right or not. I finally found a good one.
It's from Lucinda Scala-Quinn's cookbook "Lucinda's Authentic Jamaican Kitchen", and I found it on the  Martha Stewart website (click here to find it).

As if the streusel-type topping on the cake was not enough sugar, I also decided I wanted to add frosting. I had planned to do a cream cheese frosting, but I changed my mind.
I made a simple frosting with browned butter instead:
It was delicious:
It did not take my husband and I too terribly long to make it all disappear!
I was kind of sorry when it was gone.


Rob and Monica said...

It looks delicious! Monica's sister always uses the over ripened bananas to make cookies and I definitely help make them disappear! They are delicious! (Rob) oTveaCy

Tina Dawn said...

I am sorry it is all gone too, I would love a piece. Yum! Love T