Friday, June 7, 2013

What's Penny Wearing? #91 A Vintage Pinafore Dress From Mr. "B" Of California

I found this cute vintage dress at a thrift shop (of course).
It's trimmed with cotton lace, and made of navy calico, yellow polka dot fabric and muslin:
By Mr. "B." of California, circa the 70's, I am sure:
Cool and cute:
Only problem is, it has a couple of small stains right smack in the front.
I decided that perhaps I could just cover them up with little coordinating patches!
I have not adhered them yet.
 I think some Fabri-Tac Brand Permanent Adhesive should do the trick.
I really don't think it looks bad at all. Should I scatter more of them onto it?
What do you think?


Tina Dawn said...

For some reason I am not fond of the red for a patch. I think a blue the same shade as the dress or the same shade of yellow would look better. Such a cute outfit! Have you tried all the ways to get rid of the stain? If you do the red, maybe make the patches the shape of a flower? Love T

lorlore said...

How about a couple of the yoyo flowers in calico????

Tina Dawn said...

I like that idea, Lori!

Heidi Ann said...

Ooohh - that IS an idea - I don't know how to make them, but that WOULD look cute- and maybe one or two extras elsewhere, to kind of tie it all together.

Tami Von Zalez said...

I'd get a couple of applique daisies and put them over the stains.

Anusha said...

Too freakin' cuuuuuute!! I so want these '70s pinafore dresses to come back in style! Yours is just too adorable.