Monday, June 3, 2013

Just Jo

I do not often find Madame Alexander dolls in thrift stores. I had seen her sitting back behind the cash register, but never asked her price until the other day.

Jo,from Little Women:
The (very) nice thrift store manager offered her to me for half price, because she had been there a while.
Guess what I said?
"Yes,  I will take her home with me. She will be very happy there alongside my other dolls."
And, thank you.


Tina Dawn said...

So wonderful you found this cute little doll. She is so cute (almost as cute as Dizzy!) Love T

Tami Von Zalez said...

She has found a good home! A few months ago I snapped on a little Madame fairy doll. Her hair was a mess but that was easily fixed by putting it all up in a thrift shop find sparkly elastic bracelet. She will make an appearance next month with my Mad Tea Party post (7/13).