Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Pink Of Perfection?

 I went and had my very first pedicure done the other day.

Although I did not quite know what to expect, (because I'd never had one before), it was still,  somehow, NOT what I expected.
I expected to enjoy it.
And I really did not.
I thought the whole thing was just sort of strange.
I didn't need my calves massaged.
I just wanted my feet pampered a bit, and my toenails painted.
It took longer than I thought it would.
And yet, I didn't say I was in a hurry.
I didn't say much of anything.
And I guess I expected my nails to look perfect when they were done.
As you can see, they did not.
It was just all so foreign to me.
You see, I am a VERY low-maintenance lady.
I guess I'm just weird.
The pink of perfection?
 Nope, not so much.

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Tina Dawn said...

I have only had one professional pedicure, and I thought the leg massage thing strange too. I really don't like someone else looking at my ugly feet and toenails. I like what I can see of your toes, though. Once a good friend gave me a home pedicure while my hip was bad, and it was great, except that she could not paint my toenails, I had polish all over my toes, it was pretty funny actually! If someone would just help me cut my big toenails I would be happy. Love T