Sunday, June 9, 2013

Score: Vintage VW Brochures

It's my nephew Josh's birthday today, and he used to collect Volkswagen stuff, so it seems like a good day to share pictures with you from three great vintage Volkswagen brochures I found recently.

I love Volkswagens - it's a family thing. I have written before about the fact that, at one time or another, every single member of our family has owned Volkswagens.
Panel  delivery vans are seen below:

And some pages featuring the convertible Karmann Ghia:

More VW's:
And the last two - well, summer HOT weather is surely here (even if summer technically is not), so hello, sun roof!
Wave to little Susie, everyone!
And, please - oh, please! - let's go camping, shall we, in our vintage VW Camper:
You know - the ones we WISH we owned?!
(I will probably scan more pages from these neat old brochures and share them with you another day.)
Hope you have a happy birthday, Josh!


lorlore said...

So neat, we were quite the VW family!!!!! Happy Birthday Josh!!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

Love the Karmann Ghia and the camper. Great post. Happy birthday Josh! Love T

joshinabox said...

Thank you! Great post. Sorry I missed it Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Lordy, did you bring back
memories or what???
We owned VW's from 1965 to 1989
when we moved up here. We loved
everyone one of them and was so
sad to part with the last one.
But...we made it to The Gold
(NOT Grapes) Country and still
drive our re-furbished '85 Westie
around in the summer ! Be on the
look out for us !!--Sierra Sue