Sunday, June 16, 2013

What's Penny Wearing? # 92 It's For Work, Again

Recently, I found a very nice skirt and blouse at one of my favorite local thrift stores that, when paired together, are quite suitable as work attire for me. Below, Penny models them first with a green pinafore that I had already:

You can see that the blouse is wonderfully old-fashioned:
My friend Kim at work gave me this pretty shawl that looks lovely when thrown on over the blouse, too:
The skirt is a bright red floral , and the subdued print of the green pinafore apron looks great over it. You can't see it in my pictures, but the skirt is tiered and is made of rayon:
The blouse was only two dollars, and the skirt was just fifty cents more. You cannot see it very well in the photo below, but I made some pins for my pinafores out of buttons I bought at JoAnn's. My nephew helped me cut off the shanks on the backs, and then he was able to also smooth out the backs so I could glue on a pin back.
One more shot - you get the idea:
I have spent a LOT of money on clothes, in order that my work wear has the appropriate look -; having paid to have dresses and aprons made, etc.
The thrift shop discovery of an outfit for $4.50 plus tax was very lucky, indeed.


lorlore said...

Very lucky to find a cute work outfit!! I know you are the Best Dressed in the Park!!!!!

spirit of the wind said...

It is wonderful that you are able to have some fun with living in that era as part of the job. You GO, girl! (And I WISH I'd beat you to it in finding that perfect blouse at the thrift store!)

Gold Country Expat

Tina Dawn said...

I love that blouse! Great idea with the button pins. I bet those pioneer ladies were very happy when they figured out they could put ties and such on their aprons. Love T

Su Wilcox said...

What a gorgeous outfit! I ran across your blog while looking for Waltons photos & I'm so glad I did. I've just bookmarked you! :)