Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Cool Sofa

I think the reupholstered sofa pictured below that was designed by Jeanne Connolly from is absolutely gorgeous!
It was featured in a story in the fabulous  Flea Market Decor  magazine.
 I don't know how to reupholster  like she has done, but I surely wish that I did.  Because what she has done here is nothing short of spectacular!

 I don't have a sofa like hers to re-do anyway - but if I DID, I would already have a head start on some cool textiles similar to some of those that she used that could become a part of it:

 See? Not that it would even fit in anywhere at my house.
 But I'd be willing to try...
Great colors, great fabrics - all "thrifted", and  they were very reasonably priced, too:
 For now, I'll just dream about having something like that of my own some day.
But isn't that sofa that she created a stunner?
I LOVE it.
I wish I had her talent!


Tami Von Zalez said...

Er, I think maybe it is a sofa only a mother could love ...

Mr. VZ would put that out for the Goodwill truck.


farmlady said...

Flea Market Decor magazine?? I think I have missed this one.
I love this couch and would love to redo my sofa like this. It would go in my living room. I would just soften the colors a bit. What a great idea.
Thanks for showing us...give me all kinds of ideas. Gotta get the mag.

Tina Dawn said...

Wow, I love it! Your choices would be great too. I would fit that sofa in no matter if it went with my other stuff or not! Unfortunately I have a cat (Luna of the gopher eaters) who does a number on all my upholstery. I will definitely redecorate someday when she is in kitty heaven. 'Till then I will look at your photos and dream. Love T

Anusha said...

How incredibly gorgeous!! We've gotten reupholstery jobs done by a local business, but I don't think they could ever do something like this. It's nothing short of amazing!