Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rogue River Boys... What they are up to... up in Shady Cove, Oregon

Good morning, Tina here. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about fishing the Rogue River?
We watched as the neighbors competed in a little fishing contest. The guy above won with a very large salmon, we never heard how many lbs. it was, but it was a big fish. 

Our good friend Joe, chatting with his grandson below on the banks of the river, has lived here where the party was held for about seven months now.
We were visiting with Joe and Cindy, for Cindy's birthday party, at their new home in Shady Cove, Oregon.

We stayed with another couple, good friends Dave and Sue, because Cindy's darling little house was filled with relatives. That is Dave and Sue below, with my hubby in the foreground.
Joe and Cindy lost their great old dog, a black lab named Bo, just before they moved.  Dave and Sue have a labradoodle named Jack. Here he is enjoying the party just after his summer haircut.
Well, a few short days after we took our weekend visit, Joe got serious. He needs to bring home the bacon, keep the kettle boiling, keep the food on the table, you know what I mean? And look what he caught! His first salmon, 25 lbs., right out in his own back yard.
And now, just last weekend, Dave decided he wasn't to be outdone, and in Joe's backyard again, Dave caught this 28.5 lb. salmon! A bit of competition has arrived on the banks of the Rogue.
Okay, fellas, who is going to get the 30 pounder? (By the way, Sue said the salmon was delicious!)


lorlore said...

I bet that salmon was and still is good, enough for all!!!!!

Heidi Ann said...

My mouth is watering at the thought of all that salmon!

farmlady said...

Last week I was on the ocean at the mouth of the Rogue River. It was beautiful.
If my husband sees these photos of the salmon that were caught, we will be selling this home and moving to southern Oregon. LOL!

Tami Von Zalez said...

What beautiful salmon! We were fishing in Fort Bragg last weekend and everyone was catching them all around us but we didn't have any luck. Darn ~