Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dizzy On A Chair, Past And Present

More kitty pictures today, and this time it's Dizzy, when he was just a little baby kitty, back in 1998. He is perched atop a little velvet pillow:

And all these years later, he's a bigger kitty, shown on the same chair.
The chair happens to be one of the very first pieces of antique furniture I ever bought. It was made by Karpen. It had been reupholstered, of course, but it was - and still is - solid, well-made and comfortable for cats and humans alike.
It's still in very good condition (I've had it for about 35 years), and I still like it:
And the kitty on it?
Well, him, I LOVE.
But you already knew that!


Tina Dawn said...

What a little sweetheart he is. I miss him. Always have loved your chair. Great combination! Love T

Andy's Attic said...

Dizzy is so beautiful. I just got a new kitten who is also a tuxedo cat. I have a fondness for them.