Friday, October 16, 2015

A Few More Finds

Just popping in today to share some more of my recent finds.
First up, we have a sweet ceramic cottage - I was delighted to find it and add it to my collection!
Some day maybe I will do another post about them, and show you pictures of all of them at one time:
And I found this dear little gal, hand-painted on wood, below.
All she wants to do is hold a potholder (or something else) for you:
As if the two gorgeous bedspreads weren't enough, now I have unearthed a fringed tablecloth that is in the same vein:
I love these old framed prints of poems and such - this one is quite special "To My Old Friend":
I picked up this little Vera Bradley jewelry case; it's perfect for traveling.
 I have no idea how old it is, but it's in great condition:
The top "tray" lifts out - such a cute little case!
This vintage sweater vest is perfect for autumn (more about what is beneath it here in an upcoming post):
And I picked up these coat hangers for a quarter apiece - I just like that they are nicely covered with vintage fabrics and a bit of padding.
This makes them pretty and practical......
... and that's always nice.
Any time I can use vintage instead of new, I do it.
I'm just funny that way.


lorlore said...

Love your finds!!!!

Tina Dawn said...

I love the jewelry case, I wanted one and found a similar one on ebay that is orange and more of an oval shape. I need to travel somewhere now! Love T

Rosie said...

Nice finds! (I like how your first two photos are the same shape!)But the vintage orange vest and blouse are gorgeous for fall. :)