Monday, October 12, 2015

Framed, Again....

I'm at it again with the framing.
 I always love finding original artwork at the thrift shops, and when I can pair them with the right frame, that's even better!
This little 5X7 painting with oriental poppies looks so pretty in a small white frame.
It was painted by "D. Passeri" on September 20th, 1978.
(I'm glad she included that information on the back of the canvas.)
It took me a little longer to frame the larger painting seen below.
(I think I may have shown it to you back when I found it.)
I ended up finding a framed 1980's print at a thrift store.
 Didn't care much for the print, but it was half price, and the frame happened to be the perfect size that I needed.
I made the decision to paint it white, and I'm happy with the way it turned out:
I bought a really neat lot of vintage (unused) can labels on eBay a number of years ago.
Slowly but surely, I have found the perfect frames for just a few of them. (They are odd sizes.)
This isn't a very good photo of this canned Lima Beans label (it's actually very pretty; the background is golden).
 It fit perfectly into this lime green frame from a thrift store:
And, last of all, I have this one:
It's a  poster from Sierra Repertory Theatre, a local company - their production of Sam Shepard's "True West" was presented back in 1983.
The poster had been found behind a piece of furniture when some clean-up was being done in the front desk area one day at the City Hotel in Columbia State Historic Park, where I used to work.
I rescued it from the trash and brought it home.
Somehow, I managed to find a frame that it fit into with just a wee bit of trimming.
(Sorry about the glass glare, and the darkness of my poor photo - but I think you get the idea.)
I really like the poster's design, with the cowboy silhouettes.
It needed to be saved!


Tina Dawn said...

Good job on all of them! I heard a rumor, though, that the lima beans are sad because you won't eat them... couldn't be true?? Love T

Diane said...

I look for frames at the thrifts too! Can't beat the prices.

Sunnyana said...

I like the floral prints, especially the second one. I really like the lime green frame and even the picture of the lima beans which is surprising because I have never liked lima beans. I take it by Tina's comment that you don't like them either! Another thing in common?