Friday, October 23, 2015

What's Penny Wearing? #127 Thrifted Sweaters For Fall, Along with Vera Bradley Scarves

I found some great cardigan sweaters for fall at a thrift store, and I've had fun pairing them with my gorgeous Vera Bradley scarves in different combinations.
The orange sweater I found looks great with my orange long-sleeved tee underneath and this scarf in the "Canyon" pattern:
And also with the "English Rose" scarf, this time with a brown tee:
It looks equally nice with the gorgeous "Provencal" scarf, which Tina gave me for my birthday exactly three years ago, by the way!
 I still love it just as much as I did the day I received it:
This sweater is really quite nice with it's speckled yarn, shawl collar and pretty buttons:
The green cardigan I found looks great with "English Rose", too:
And here, I paired it with a plum-colored long-sleeved tee underneath and the "Portobello Road" scarf:
But it looks great with "Provencal", too!
 There are other possible combinations, too, but perhaps I have gotten a little carried away.
 These particular scarves were only made in those four patterns, and they have other styles of scarves now, but I liked this size, style and fabric choice the best. Had they been available in more patterns, I'd have probably wanted them all (so maybe that's a good thing.)
 Since I am rather a Vera Bradley nut, I actually have bags to match three out of four of these scarves, and you can see that putting them together with my different colored tees, it makes them extremely versatile.
I really like this olive green cardigan, too - I think it's so nice that it has covered buttons, even on the sleeves:
Now, all I ask is that our weather here in the foothills actually be cool enough for me to WANT to wear a sweater and a scarf!
We'll see about that.......

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Tina Dawn said...

Wow, all the combinations are stunning. I love that orange sweater! Love T