Saturday, October 17, 2015

Models From The 70's - Sunny Redmond

Today's model is the lovely red-headed Sunny Redmond.
Here she is on the cover of Seventeen in November of 1971:
 And she graces the cover of this McCall's book of "Pattern Fashions" from Fall/Winter 1972, as well:
I think all of the remaining pictures are from 1972, and all are from the pages of my vintage Seventeen Magazines.
Here she is in bell bottom jeans and a red tee :
The next photo is from an ad for Butterick Patterns:
Next we have a couple of her wearing gingham:
And here, she's wearing a dress from Butterick pattern number 6602:
And, obviously, an ad for Psssssst:
More gingham - a patchwork-patterned fabric bikini top:
An advertisement for Evelyn Pearson robes:
And here she's wearing a cute dress from Butterick pattern number 6767, from an advertisement for J. P. Stevens Wool:
And the plaid shirt dress from the same wool ad is Butterick pattern 6710:
A halter top worn over a turtleneck, from an ad for Coats & Clark:
Peeking out from under a red hat in a Seventeen fashion layout:
And in an ad for Johnson's Baby Powder:
Sunny is the perfect name for her with her bright, beautiful and sunny face!


Tina Dawn said...

Love the green and the "patchwork" gingham. She is a cutie for sure. Love T

Sunnyana said...

I just came across some of my old Seventeen magazines a few weeks ago and Nov. 1971 was one of them. I always liked this cover because she reminds me of my mom when she was a teen. She had the freckles and red hair, actually still does at 85 but the red isn't natural anymore! I also like the green gingham.