Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Helpful Kitty

Good morning, Tina here.

I have three cats:

Luna is 12, she is very quiet and likes to stay in a store room above the garage, occasionally going outside to look for gophers.

Cheshire Cat (Chessie) is 14 and is the most vocal of my cats, he also likes to sit on my lap (more about that later).

Ishi is 4 and he thinks he is king of the roost, he has a very fluffy tail which collects stickers and needs to be brushed every day.

Chessie loves to sit on my lap. It doesn't matter what else is on my lap...

Just work around me, is what he says, as he purrs away.

You, person, are so lucky to have me.

Sorry you can't move your arm, but aren't you warm and cozy with me here?

Good thing you have very flexible wrists.

Thoughtful as always, Chessie always leaves my right arm free so that I can type or write.

Happy Wednesday!


Rhonda said...

Your cats are all so pretty. Funny how we think we are the ones in charge isn't it?!!

Candice said...

Tina, you such a nice mommy to your kitty cats. When Violet tries to lie on my lap or arm while I'm on the computer I push her away repeatedly until I give up and let her lie wherever she wants!

Heidi Ann said...

Chessie cracks me up!! And I'm glad he is a sweet and friendly kitty, because I enjoy him when I'm there.
Luna, her pretty little ultra-evasive self , makes me feel honored if I even manage a glimpse of her, and, while Ishi would have preferred not, I was happy to have had a little "encounter" with him when he was accidentally "trapped" in "my" room with me. It was funny how it happened that way, but he had to put up with me just for a bit and let me pet him and everything!
I miss my Dizzy Kitty so much, so I love to give attention to other (willing and non-willing) kitty cats that I meet along life's pathways.

Diane said...

Pretty kitties!!