Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Latest Round Of Finds

One of my favorite finds from the last week or two has to be this vintage Takahashi vase I found to add to my collection:
And I found two of these painted wooden pumpkins, which are just perfect for autumn decorating:
I found a really nice vintage handbag:
And two brooches.
The flower is vintage Avon, and the little compact in the center once held solid perfume, I believe.
 The other is enameled copper, and can also be worn as a pendant:
The vintage tea tin shown in the next picture is from England, and the little leprechaun is marked "Made In Ireland":
I have wanted one of these apple parer, slicer and corer gadgets for years!
I finally found one with the right price for me at a thrift shop:
And I found a couple of great vintage Halloween costume patterns.
(Too late to try and sell them for this year, though):
And this last gentleman is a Christmas decoration
Handmade papier mache, I think he's pretty cool:
 He has a sticker that says "Made by A Junior Achievement Company".
 I just wish I had found the other two that probably belonged with him!
That's it for today!


Tina Dawn said...

Nice finds! Love the handbag and the enameled brooch. Love T

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Great finds! I love how you select things with vibrant, happy colors! The hand made guy is awesome. Enjoy the day!

Melanie said...

Nice finds! But my favorite thing is the paper doll book behind the vase!

Diane said...

Quite a mix of finds! Good for you! Those costume patterns are great!!

Sunnyana said...

This takes me back to the first time I found your blog when I was looking for Takahashi flowers! Not only did I find the flowers but also the vases like mine only mine are white. I really like the wooden pumpkin. I prefer this type of decor instead of the scary things. The Avon brooch looks very familiar. I think my grandmother had one. A great bunch of finds!

Rosie said...

Very nice finds! My mom had that very Avon perfume pin when I was a kid. Your super hero patterns are adorable! I would frame them and display then next Halloween! :)