Friday, October 2, 2015

Finds: Again With The Textiles....

Well, I found some more good textiles at the thrifts, so here goes....
This pretty vintage "Mother" pillow cover was too nice to resist:
And I found yet another vintage needlepunch or punchwork pillow cover - this one would be SO cute in a child's room:
Just in time for Halloween decorating, I found a nice long orange corduroy runner, and the vintage scarf and woven belt you see on top of it below:
I found a bag that contained all three of these beautiful and colorful embroidered ribbons - I think I already have that same one with the cabin scene, or it may be a little bit different:
I also love it when I find nice fabrics. Whether they are small remnants or more yardage, if it catches my eye and the price is right, I pick it up.
 These happen to be fabric samples in five different colorways, with enough of each to use to make a pillow or something - and they're such a pretty floral pattern.
In "Evergreen":
And "Moss Green":
(And there are two more colors, as well.)
I couldn't resist the unfinished crewel work  below on a purple background.
 Oh, boy - don't know that I'm up for attempting to complete it on my own with no diagram.
Yes I could choose my own colors, but I'm not much good at embroidery of any kind.
It sure would be fabulous if it was finished, though!
It's a big one, measuring 23X28 inches:
I found some clothing, too - like this USMC jacket that I feel fairly certain I will be able to sell:
And I like this red plaid shirt, shown below, too.
I thought the scarf-like thing was a kerchief to wear on your head, but then I had the wild idea to tie it around the neck of this shirt and I kind of love the way it looks!
 Perhaps that is what it was meant for, after all?
It was a quarter:
Oh, and last of all, I found another gorgeous bedspread like the Bates one I found a while back.
The colors! The fringe!
Very similar to Bates, but this one is actually from Penney's.
I got it pretty cheap because it has a couple of stains.
 Haven't tried to get them out yet, but if I can't, I like the idea of  making pillows with that fringe around the edges.
Yep, that would work for me
I've simply got to do SOMETHING with the gorgeous thing!


Tina Dawn said...

Great finds. I really like the trim with the cabin! Love T

Sunnyana said...

You were right about the neckerchief. I know someone who used to make them, and they were always southwest style. I like the embroidered ribbon. I have some similar to the floral one but I've never seen anything like the others. Lots of great finds!