Thursday, October 8, 2015

An "Ole!" Mirror, Spotted At A Thrift Store (But Repainted, Much To My Chagrin...)

We stopped in at the thrift stores in Fort Bragg, California when we were there on our little trip, and, as always, I was checking everything out pretty thoroughly.
As I was wandering through, I believe I did a double-take when I saw this mirror:
I said to Tina and Lori, "That's an Ole mirror!"
(That's Tina , below - she was looking at the books on the shelf behind it at the time!)
"But somebody painted it."
It actually doesn't look BAD in black and white; I mean the person who did it did a decent job.
I just love the original colors, and I hate it when I see pieces that have been painted, that's all.
Because I so very seldom see any of this, my adored  and much-desired favorite vintage furniture, out in "the wild".
It wasn't for sale - it was being used in the store.
Not that it would have fit into Lori's car, anyway.
If it hadn't been painted, I may have tried to talk them out of it, regardless.
Couldn't we have tied it on top of the car? (LOL!)
You can see a bit of the original paint peeking through in the photo below, which shows a close-up of the detail at the top:
And just for comparison, here's a (bad) shot of a mirror like it with the original paint:
I love this furniture so much that I was happy to see it (in person) and I was also very happy that I was able to get some photos of it, black and white paint job, and all.


Tina Dawn said...

It is a beautiful mirror. The size of it surprised me for some reason. I wish you could buy it and paint it back to fiesta colors! That was a great shop. Love T

Diane said...

I agree-- looks like a good paint job, but the original is soooooooo much better (to me anyway).

farmlady said...

You're in Fort Bragg! I love that town. I need to catch up on my blog reading. Good to see Tina Dawn. I like putting a name to a face. I like the B&W mirror but I know what you mean. Some wood needs to stay the way it is.