Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween, Around Here

I just wanted to show you some of our Halloween decorations.
Let's start with my new favorite thing - the creepiest-looking thing I've got:
I just covered another one of my lamps with a mask - and I made the eyes to insert inside.
I think it turned out to be delightfully frightful!
I don't know if you remember this one, below, that I created last year or the year before:
And bin the next photo - "Oooohh - that's a very scary costume you have there, spider girl".......
At least, I THINK it's a costume?
Or do you suppose she is in some serious trouble, there?
 I liked this skeleton guy in the foyer so much last year, I decided that's pretty much going to be his regular spot.
 He's surrounded by masks (vintage and new) - but I do wish I had gotten a string of lights to drape around all of this, as well:
These are the two additional masks I found at a thrift and added after taking the photo:
 A display on the buffet in the dining room - the masks with the wig are placed over a lamp, as well:
Here's a picture of it at night, after I had changed things around a bit:
 I had to include a photo today of my dear black corduroy cat.
I have had this little guy for at least 45 years - I am extremely fond of him.
It kind of looks as though something has him "spooked", don't you agree?
These adorable little Lucy Rigg bears aren't scary at all, only sweet:
It looks like they're surrounded, though:
 What do you think?
Trick - or treat?
I'd much prefer a treat, myself - like perhaps these pretzel rods I made using a cute Wilton chocolate mold I found at thrift store for fifty cents:
Cute, and tasty, too - always a nice combination.


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, you sure do have a lot of great decorations! I love the Lucy and Me bears and your newest scary skeleton face and all the great old masks! Love T

Diane said...

Very fun! Your chocolate pretzels look amazing! My last (real) cat was named Corduroy.