Thursday, October 1, 2015

Let's Welcome October With Mr. Jolly, Shall We?

Since it's the first day of October, I decided to share this page from Mr. Jolly's Sidewalk Market (by Laura Jean Allen), even though in this two-page layout, Mr Jolly Says "Oh, dear! It's Halloween again!".
No, it isn't Halloween yet - but as far as I'm concerned, Halloween starts on the 1st and ends on the 31st, so it's at least the Halloween season.
Kids in costumes walk along the street while the women wonder what they should fix for dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning.
After all, we should plan these things so that we will know what we need to buy from Mr. Jolly!
Witches and goblins are out and about, as the Jack O' Lantern tries to scare that sweet little kitty cat:
And, just for fun, I wanted to show you this illustration, below, which was done by the same artist, Laura Jean Allen - more witches!
It's from this cookbook dated 1955
You can see her name here on the title page:
And here are two more great illustrations from the cookbook:
I like her style; it's quite unique:
So, Happy Halloween (season) to you all!
Let's enjoy our October, shall we?
(I am just hoping for cooler, more autumnal weather.
It doesn't feel like fall to me when it's still very warm.
 It'll get here, I know it will.....)


Tina Dawn said...

And here it is, raining! Real honest to goodness rain! Thank you for Mr. Jolly, he always starts my month off right. Now, what should I make for dinner? Love T

jen said...

Love the pictures-
Beautiful weather here in Vancouver Canadađź‘Ť