Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown

School starts today here in our neck of the woods.
I found this cute "Peanuts" book by the late, great Charles Schulz at a thrift store. Back when we were kids, school NEVER started before Labor Day. Who knew back then that that would ever change?
A short summer, indeed.
The book "It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown" is a cute little story about the Peanuts gang and their adventures over the summer. They all went to camp, and the boys kept trying to beat the girls at SOMETHING, but didn't do very well. This left them all feeling rather disgruntled. They did get to roast marshmallows, though:

And generally speaking, Snoopy did better at camp than the rest of the gang - he usually does, right? Better at the marshmallow roasting:
Fixed his own good meals:
Slept in (or rather, on) his own little private tent:
So, as far as the start of school goes, summer is over.
But not technically - not for another month - so at least there is still time for me to hope for an opportunity to enjoy S'mores at some point before summer truly ends.
I miss S'mores.
And, for that matter, I miss Snoopy and Charles Schulz, too.


Diane said...

Gotta love Snoopy and the gang! I agree-- what's w/ school starting before Labor Day??

Tina Dawn said...

Next time I go camping, I am inviting Snoopy along! I agree about a short summer. I really don't understand why school has to start so soon. In our area, some schools started on the 8th of August. That's just plain MEAN! Love T

Jennifer D said... shouldn't start before Labor Day. Labor Day weekend was always the last hurrah of the summer for me.

Love the Peanuts...thanks for sharing.

Diane Mars said...

Oh nobody could say it better then Charlie Brown! Summer went by in a flash! Hugs, Diane

Jim J;O) said...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Once Upon a Time in Placerville #3: Back to School(s) No Longer There

About a year ago, I was Googling, looking for photos of the old, and older, high schools. Google brought me to this page, a year old then. It was my intro to Gold Country Girls. Hey, lucky, lucky, fun, fun! I remember lurking for quite a while before commenting. I wrote Tina a long series of questions and she answered with a generous supply of welcomed info. Nice people, those GC Girls.

I’ve loved Peanuts for about (place Tina’s age here) years. Perhaps more, when Peanuts was “Li’l Folks.” I remember it being fun passing through Sebastopol, a tiny, old town, and later, Santa Rosa, a tiny, old town, fun because Charles Schulz lived there. (Hwy 101, a tiny, old road following the Russian River was the main street of tiny, old Santa Rosa. Ha!)

Paul Duca said...

That is the book version of the TV special, which first aired in 1969.