Wednesday, August 15, 2012

River Pines and Cosumnes River, Amador County Postcards

Good morning. Tina here. I am sharing some of my River Pines, Amador County postcards, because I can, and because today is my birthday and I am in control. LOL.

The postcard above shows a very common error, the misspelling of Cosumnes with an extra N.  No, you do not want to consume the Cosumnes.  I have seen this beautiful rock-strewn river misspelled on maps and postcards, and occasionally in books.  

This postcard above shows the old bridge, which is no long there.

One of the fascinating things about River Pines is the old cabins with wonderful rock work abounding in the yards and on the porches.  It looks like each owner tried to outdo the other.  There are rock walls and fences, interesting planters and towers, and rock pillars on homey front porches.

Above is an old postcard on which the writer asks for cooler weather.  So I guess our heatwave we have been having for about a week now isn't that rare after all.  At least the people in River Pines can always go jump in the river.

The River Pines Market.  There are not many businesses here, even now.  The post office and the market, that is about it.

Another view of the lovely, cooling, misspelled river.  It curves gently around River Pines, close, within walking distance of most homes and the highway.

The postcard above seems to be of a little cafe.  I am not sure if it is still there.

The postcard above shows a great shot of some of the rock pillars that are along the road.  A lot of the rock work is worn and some fallen now.

An artist must have lived here.  I am not sure if this home with the wonderful mission mural is still there.  I love the way the artwork has incorporated the rock walls and appears to blend right in with  reality.

Ah, that is the life. You can walk right from your mission and garden to the river.

Looks like a good plan for what will be a hot August day. Take a drive to River Pines and a dip in the river.  Enjoy your day!


Heidi Ann said...

Those are really neat, Tina! I am consistently amazed at your collection of historic pictures and postcards!

Jim J;O) said...

I called the river the Consomm√© (clear broth?) until we moved up here and was corrected (“Hillbillies don’t even know what consomm√© is. Haha. I wonder how they pronounce Mah-kuh-LOOM-nee River.” “Ha!” he smirked. “Another city-butt,” sighed the locals.)

Tina, I still pronounced Cosumnes with the added “N” until I just now read your blog. As a matter of fact, I pronounced it with two “Ns” until I just now went to Wikipedia. “No!” Wikipedia scolded. “It’s ko-SUE-meez.” Is that right? I’m afraid locals are going to laugh at me again. (“No one’s hankerin’ to ‘go sue me’ nor you, nor anyone fella. Go jump in a river!”)

River Pines (heck, all the gold country) is wonderful pleasure-driving country. I think it’s too bad folks are in such a danged hurry nowadays. I’m glad my daddy taught me that the drive, as well as the getting there, can be, at least, half the fun. I still try to find time to relax and explore, take it all in and feel aesthetically brim-full by the time I “get there.”

I wonder if I drove/rode across that now-gone bridge when I was younger.

Thank you, Tina. River Pines kinda reminds me of old photos I’ve seen of Carmel when artists and eccentrics first began populating it. I still want to build that time-machine I told you about.

Jim J;O) said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Tina!