Monday, August 20, 2012

Scarves And Fabric

I have found some really lovely scarves and fabric lately. The scarf below has a beautiful combination of colors and was made of Viscose in Portugal:
This red-bordered one is silk, I believe:
Gorgeous colors, once again, in the one below that I think is made of wool challis:

Silk again in the next one with roses in gold, brown and silver:

This fabric, below, with roses in blue......

.....has this pretty border at the bottom:

There's enough of it that it could be made into a skirt with that border running along the bottom, and no real need for a hem. A simple elastic waist would suffice, I suppose.
I seriously need to find myself an inexpensive seamstress.
Because this fabric obsession is getting out of hand.


Tina Dawn said...

Nice choices, all. Love T

farmlady said...

I know about "fabric obsessions". I have boxes of fabric that I will probably never use, in my lifetime. But, I love just having all of it... in case I need a piece at some point in my creative life.
Love the scarves. Since we don't wear them on our heads anymore (and why don't we?) I like the idea of re-purposing them into other things.
Aprons, edging for clothing, curtains ect... all good ideas.
Nice post.

Access Your Eyes said...

Hi Gold Country Girls! Until today, I thought I'd simply inherited some inordinately odd recessive "fabric collector" gene from my Grand-ma Fay! Apparently there is an entire host of us closet-stashing-textile-lovin' gals!!

I'm quite new to blogging despite my years as a, if anyone is interested in adding to their collection please let me know. I have fabrics from the rag district of NYC, UK, India, and vintage stuff that I just couldn't resist...but now, I'm moving and my projects never left my I'd love for these textiles to go to good homes.

I'll be glad to send you sample's my regular email address:

Thanks and keep the fabric faith!!