Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Then And Now #89 Nabisco Cookies

"Then": 1969 - Sorry the two page ad above wouldn't fit on my scanner, but I'm sure you can picture how they'd look side by side. A close-up on the Mint Sandwich Cookies:
And here is how they look "Now":
If I were asked to pick a favorite store-bought cookie, I think I'd have to go with the Mint Oreo Fudge Cremes. They're GOOD.
And below, a close-up on the Pinwheels package from 1969:

And here is how they look now:

I can't even remember the last time I had a chocolate Pinwheel - but I'm pretty sure I like them too!

These are dangerous things for a Weight Watcher's gal who is trying to watch her "Points"!


Tina Dawn said...

Oh boy, those look good. Where's my coffee? Dipping time! Love T

Jim J;O) said...

Oh yum! If they were only 1 calorie per cookie and I ate all I wanted, I'd still weigh 3 or 4 hundred pounds (more) before 2012 was done. Oh yum!

I'm surprised at the lack of comments on this particular subject. Maybe all members spent a paycheck or 3 on Nabisco Cookies, and were quickly cookie conked.

Thanks Heidi.

Phyl D. said...

Oh no, I didn't even know those chocolate and marshmallow cookies existed.. boy, am I in trouble now!

Anonymous said...

OMG..... I found this blog by pure chance as I was trying to find out whether the NABISCO PINWHEELS could still be found.... On my last trips to the USA I was unable to find any and I just found some 80 DOLLAR packages (!!!!???) in Amazon......!! I'm not even sure those cookies can be eaten!! But of course I would never pay over 100 DLS (shipping included) to get them. So I was wondering... is that last picture of yours recent??? WHERE DID YOU FIND THEM!? I have a few friends in USA and would definitely ask them to bring/send me some if they could be found, but I've read other blogs where people from all over USA complain that they CAN'T find them anywhere (TX, IN, FL, AK)... I would love to know whether you can still find them where you are... are you still in CA? I am from Mexico and would appreciate your input :)

Heidi Ann said...

Hi - I found them at a Safeway store in California.
I believe the Save Mart grocery stores carry them, also.