Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National Hotel (The Louisiana House), Jackson, California Postcards

A few days ago there was a short report on the news about the National Hotel in Jackson, Amador County, California.  The owner is reopening the hotel.  Since I don't get over to Jackson very often any more, I didn't know it was closed.  It is an important building in the center of town, so it is great news to know that it will be up and running again. It made me pull out my postcards of the building so I could include it in my "postcard posts".

I am starting with the above postcard by Merle Porter because it has the most information on the back:  "National Hotel - Jackson, California. Around 1849, three men, Ellis Evans, D. C. White and Armstrong Askey felt that the growing town of Botileas,( named for the great number of whiskey bottles found around the springs) needed a hotel.  They built a two-story frame building and named it "The Louisiana House".  The name of the town was changed to Jackson after Col. Jackson. It was the "great fire" of 1862 that destroyed most of Jackson along with the hotel. Undaunted, the same three men rebuilt the hotel as it is today. Every California governor has been in the hotel along with a number of presidents and movie stars such as John Ford and John Wayne and others like "Black Bart". When you walk through the doors you feel you have stepped back into California history."
The above postcard was mailed in March 1939 from Larry Wilkins to his wife and son in Albany, California.
 The postcard above, a Fraschers card, reads "Jackson, Amador County, California. In the heart of the Mother Lode.  Home of the Deepest Gold mines in the world." 
 The postcard above, also a Fraschers, reads "The National Hotel at Jackson, Amador County California, "In the Heart of the Mother Lode".
 This "Natural Color Card" from Kodachrome, reads "Jackson, California, Amador County.  Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West originated here.  Historical Mother Lode Country."
 "Jackson, California.  On Highway 49 in the heart of the gold country, Jackson still retains many of the old buildings and much of the atmosphere of the days of "49". "
Above, a bit more uncommon postcard with inside shots of the bar and a guest room. "National Hotel and Louisiana House. Finest in Hotels since 1850 - 50 Rooms in Authentic Decor, Restaurant with early time Atmosphere seats 200. Saloon complete in detail as in 1850.  Located in picturesque Jackson Calif.  Heart of Mother Lode.  Reservations Ph. 223-0500.  Jackson California.  See you soon.  Neil Stark, owner-manager.
"National Hotel, Jackson, California. County seat of Amador County, located on Highways 49 and 88.  One of the most famour gold mining towns in the Mother Lode Country."

I wish the owner well and hope that his newly opened hotel brings much-needed business to downtown Jackson. When the heat lets up a bit it might be a great destination for this Gold Country Girl and her hubby, in search of a nice cold beer or two.


craftyles said...

Looks like fun. Had to comment on your previous post. I found the same stitchery at GW this week. It is a cutie!

farmlady said...

WOW! I wish I had all of these old postcards. Amazing! I have never seen many of these views of the hotel.
They are working hard on the old hotel and it will be reopening soon. It appears to be finished. They haven't said when the grand reopening is. Probably next month.
If you want to see some inside shots of the "new" hotel go to their facebook page.

We, the folks of Jackson, can't wait for this event. Hope it gives downtown Jackson the boost that it needs. Downtown has no place to go but up... and it will.

Heidi Ann said...

I loved this! i had no ides it was being fixed up! I visited their Facebook page, and was able to watch the news story you mentioned. It looks fabulous! I hope to be able to go see it someday soon.

Anonymous said...

The Hotel has re-opened. The Bar and Restaurant are about a month away! But...the Deli/Bakery is now open and the food is amazing! Just wait and see what chef Matt has in store for all!