Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a few Mokelumne Hill postcards... More to come

Good morning. Tina here. This morning I am sharing just a handful of Mokelumne Hill postcards.  I still need to photograph the postcards that are not already on my computer, and I will show you those at a later date.

Below is a wonderful Bird's Eye view of the Hill.  I am very fond of the old bird's eye views.  Just look at the wonderful rolling hills surrounding this village nestled above the river.  Farmlady, can you see your home?

It always amazes me when I take the little turn off of Highway 49 and all of a sudden there is a wonderful little town like a special surprise waiting just seconds away from the traffic.

I know there are ghosts walking the streets.

Lots of old rock walls, water troughs, climbing vines, old iron shutters... Notice the curious fellow watching the photographer on the lower right?

Old postcards are a great way to go traveling while the weather is hot.  I can settle back in my lounger and enjoy the air-conditioning and lose myself in another time.  Where is my magnifying glass?

I promise many more of Moke Hill next time!


Debbie V. said...

These are interesting. Do any of these buildings still exist?

Heidi Ann said...

Great postcards! I will look forward to seeing more - and I suppose I really should stop in to Moke Hill one of these days, rather than driving right on by every time.

Jim J;O) said...

Yes, it is easy to just drive on by, isn't it Heidi? My sister raised a family near here so I was nearby often, but darned if I could even guess at Debbie's question. I must have visited the town of Mokelumne Hill but I have no memory of it whatsoever. (I know the hill well. Hard to miss.)

Well, now I have Moke Hill, along with River Pines, to add to a sight-seeing road trip when the weather cools some.

Ya know, out-of-the-way towns change/disappear quickly? My sister left West Point, above Jackson, about 25 years ago. We visited a couple years ago, and darned if half of West Point hasn’t just disappeared. Out where my sister lived has both disappeared and changed. I was so lost...and sorta sad.

Thanks Tina.

Jim J;O) said...

Debbie V, yes. I just took a Google tour and there's plenty of history still left.

And I found this site: