Sunday, August 19, 2012

Want. Some. Now.

At a time when I'm certain many of you are reaping the harvests of your wonderful gardens, I, on the other hand can't seem to get my hands on any fabulous home-grown summer tomatoes.
And I don't like it one bit.
I can no longer go to the Farmer's Market, because I work every Saturday morning.
I found this gorgeous original watercolor painting of tomatoes at a thrift store.
"First Crop" was painted twenty-five years ago by an artist named Alma Marie.

What I really want are my favorite little cherry tomatoes - "Sungold", I think? But at this point, I'd settle for any other type - a big juicy "Beefsteak" fresh off the vine would be dandy, thank you.
For now, I guess I will just have to sit and stare at my painting.


Jamie said...

I've got lots. Are we on for Wednesday? I'll bring you a bag of large beefsteak and little yellows.

Tina Dawn said...

Hopefully you enjoyed my little bit of cherry and pear tomatoes. I will probably have a lot more in about a month. We had a slow start this year. Love T

farmlady said...

Sounds like Jamie has got you covered. I'm giving away tomatoes at this point. They are coming fast but I have very appreciative neighbors.
It was a slow start this year, like your sister says, but now... they're catchin' up.