Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Recent Finds

Once again, I'm here to share some thrift finds. I collect these vintage Whitman books, and I seldom find any in as perfect condition as this Ginny Gordon book:

I found a vintage GE Telechron clock in yellow:

Pretty linens, cookie cutters, a wonky but cute teapot thermometer, a "Burger Press" and a "Tart Master". Lori saw it and mentioned that it would be perfect for cutting your own homemade "Uncrustables', and it's true! It's made to cut 4-inch diameter tart crusts with a fluted edge:

This large coloring book is adorable:

More vintage patterns to add to the pile I'll be selling:

A fantastic set of six vintage paisley trays from one of my favorite companies, Takahashi:

I didn't have one of these old Handi-Choppers, and the colorful pottery bowls have already been put to good use in the kitchen, mostly holding summer fruits and vegetables:

A book that I think just might come in handy:

That's all for today.


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, what a treasure trove! Love the paisley trays and just about everything else too. Love T

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, such great finds. I love them all, especially the cheerful yellow clock!

farmlady said...

That yellow clock is so cool! So is the chopper. I think I had one of those in my early married years. Wish I still had it.
Great finds all.