Thursday, August 2, 2012

The More Colorful, The Better

Lots of color coming your way with today's featured finds. Like this lovely vintage set of boxed coasters, below. I also found the wooden beads and tropical floral napkin:
Cheerful and colorful mugs that stack:

I really like this fluffy yarn that was sols as gift wrap trim, and the orange fleece scarf is SO soft:

Latch-hook flowers, waiting to be made into a pillow:

Two more pillar candle holders, and a platter with stylized flowers that I really find attractive:

Bright corduroy pillow covers, a smocked one in bright red and another in gold:

Can you tell that I am attracted to colorful things?
I think you probably can.


Tina Dawn said...

The colors fit right in with the summer heat! Great finds. Love T

Steve Finnell said...

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Robert Dulaney said...

SAME! i'll buy anything if it's colorful enough!