Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another visit by a salamander, out for a stroll...

Just about three years ago this month, I wrote about a visit from a salamander. She is still around. I call her Sally. How original of me. But she is very simple, like her name. She likes the mud in the kitchen garden. She doesn't care if its not fancy in there. It is her home (that is when she isn't visiting on the deck.)

If you look carefully next to the pot in the moist soil she is busy strolling by.

She was quick this time, no chance to pick her up to say hi.

She was on a mission, headed for the moist cool area under the deck.

Up and over the irrigation hoses, around the grass and hollyhock leaves.

Ah, the squirts and spurts of the nozzles feels really good.

See ya around Sally. Sally forth!


Thimblehappy said...

"Sally forth".... LOL. Sweet post; enjoyed it with my granddaughter. Thanks, Tina, for such a nice way to start our day.

Heidi Ann said...

How nice to see Sally again! Cute post.