Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lounge Chair Road Trip No. 3: Up Highway 50 in 1949

Good morning. Tina here. 

A while back a facebook friend shared some photos taken from Highway 50 going East out of Placerville, up into Nevada. These are from 1949. Most of the scenery looks about the same now, 65 years later.

Lover's Leap.

Lover's leap as it towers above Strawberry meadow.

Strawberry and Lover's Leap.

Horsetail Falls.

Cave Rock.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the trip.


cara mengobati penyakit gula said...

Nice post,, i'm very enjoyed to visit this site :D

Heidi Ann said...

I did enjoy the trip!
And next time I take it, I'd love to see some of those vintage cars instead of the new ones that are on the road!
Just because they're cool.