Monday, July 14, 2014

Patterns From The Past: McCall's 2455 & 2454 All With Fringe Benefits

Today we have two patterns from the past, if you are in the mood to channel your inner Native American or cowgirl boho vibe, these will be perfect for you. These were found in one of my vintage Seventeen magazines; this one from 1970.
McCall's pattern number 2455 is on the left, below, and 2454 is on the right:
 (Added at 9:45 pm, 7/14) Thanks to the comment left by Sunnyana, I went back to one of my own older posts, and found that I had posted the very same picture she mentioned, with Susan Dey wearing one of the vests from pattern number 2455, so I am adding it now:
Thank you, Sunnyana! I didn't realize it was the same thing. From Seventeen magazine.
 I found this one for sale on Etsy right now, pattern 2454:
Here's the pattern front, for you to make a skirt, vest and pants:

And the back:

And below we have pattern number 2455, for a fringed and/or beaded vest, purse, belt, and even a necklace or an armband.
Swing that fringe, baby:
And the back:
You could order "skins" at your Singer Center to make these clothes.
This Singer advertisement says these were "planned-for-leather" McCall's patterns".
"...invent your own look!. For half the price your friends will be paying...."
Sounds like a great idea to me - even now.
And that's exactly what so many talented and artistic girls and women are doing these days!
Kudos to all of them. All of the imaginative and inventive, artistic new and re-imagined or reconstructed garments I see out there on blogs and in magazines are fascinating to me.
They inspire me to want to try and create something of my own.


Tina Dawn said...

Very cute! I always wanted one of those suede fringed jackets myself. I recognize that pattern, although I don't think I owned it. Just coveted it. Love T

Diane said...

Oh boy-- how cool! My sister had a vinyl type white vest with fringe back then. She loved it!

Sunnyana said...

This reminded me of some Seventeen pictures of Susan Dey wearing fringed suede. When I looked them up (June 1970) they were from the same McCalls patterns!

Heidi Ann said...

Sunnyana - Thank you so much! I posted that picture of Susan Dey myself in an earlier post! I have added it to today's post, and I really appreciate your comment! I remembered the picture I had scanned from my own Seventeen Magazine, but I did not realize it was the from the same pattern!

Jill said...

Love that Susan Dey pic!!