Thursday, July 3, 2014

State Souvenir Plates And More

It's summertime, and lots of people have hit the open road (or the airways) and are traveling all around the USA.
Seems like a good time to show a few of the souvenir plates and other items I have found at the thrifts lately.
I've never been to Washington, D.C., but I'd surely love to see it one of these days:
And here's Missouri.
 If I ever make it there, I want to meet Twyla and Lindsey!
And Illinois - have not had the pleasure (I don't get around much!),
and it's kind of far away:
Washington state (someplace I have actually visited!)
And definitely will again....
Oklahoma? Nope, but perhaps some day.
I have this dream of being able to do some traveling in a small motor home or vintage camper or trailer:
Nor have I been to Nebraska:
My stepson and his family are in Hawaii right now - but I guess that doesn't really count....
Last - but certainly not least, is San Francisco!
A destination that is close enough that I just MAY be able to make it there!
I REALLY want to go see that  Mary Blair Exhibition at
The Walt Disney Family Museum.....

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Tina Dawn said...

There is a Walt Disney museum in San Francisco? That would be fun to see. Love T