Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrate the 4th!

I'm here today to celebrate the Fourth of July with this vintage sheet music I came across at a thrift store:
"The United States Of America", A Song About Our Great Nation".
I had never heard of this song before, written in 1941 by a gentleman who was a First Lieutenant in the Air Force:
And - you know me - I will fit in a Disney reference anywhere and everywhere I possibly can, so here is Lady Liberty again, (below), this time Disney style, as she was seen on a parade float from Disney's "America On Parade", which was a grand pageant that ran at Disneyland And Walt Disney World from June 1975 through September 1976, according to my vintage book. I wish I had seen this spectacular parade which was created to honor our Nation's Bicentennial celebration. I have had this book in my Disney collection for a while.
There are fold-out pages inside with fabulous pictures of some of the parade floats:
 Another float for you, below - it's Betsy Ross and the big, beautiful flag this time:
 And, just one more photo from the book, ("Disney's America On Parade", published in 1975, Walt Disney Productions), we have fireworks going off above the gorgeous Cinderella Castle:
I won't be seeing any fireworks tonight; they're illegal in this county.
Besides which, we have a drought here, and dry grass all around, not a good combination when you add fireworks into the mix.
But LAST Friday, I did get to end my stint at Disneyland sitting on a park bench, looking down Main Street, USA, watching the fireworks show above Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle.
(And just out of curiosity, what's the high temperature forecast for you today where YOU live?
Here, it's around 100 degrees.
Could be worse.)


lorlore said...

I will be watching fireworks on TV! 93 degrees for us today!! Happy 4th!!!!

Anusha Wickramasinghe Wijetunga said...

Yup, 100 degrees here too. Better than last year when it was 110. Happy Fourth of July!

Tina Dawn said...

It was 85 degrees in Pollock Pines during the parade, with a nice cool breeze cooling that even more. We were lucky, I guess last year it was at least 100 degrees! Enjoyed your parade photos. Love T