Sunday, July 13, 2014

Green And Blue Things I've Found Lately

I've found a few things here lately that fit with one of my favorite color combinations of green and blue.
First we have a cool candle holder, and a little green vase to add to my collection:
A small Counterpoint flower pot, and a pretty little blue spice jar:
  A little speckled vase and a crocheted hot mat, or at least, it would be if it wasn't done over a plastic lid.
 That's somewhat unusual, but it has a drawstring so I'll just remove it and put it onto something else:
 A sweet set of sake cups:
 This cute little froggie candle holder -  he was fifty cents,  he's vintage, made in Japan, and I just had to bring him home.
I mean, how could I resist this face?
 A vintage green plastic holder with flowers on it, and a great shaker, which I believe is either from Takahashi or Counterpoint:
I also got this great vintage candle holder from Dime Store Chic, Beth's Etsy shop:
 (And, yes - I AM a candle holder freak, among other things...)
And then, I also found this little adjustable green lamp, and another one of these fab blue metal cabinets (larger than the other one I found) with drawers for holding all sorts of little crafty stuff:
That's it for today, my selection of pretty and useful vintage things, in two of my favorite colors.


Tina Dawn said...

Nice cabinet. Intriguing lamp. Great finds. Love T

Diane said...

What a coincidence-- I'm painting my living room and dining room blue and green (and some white). Nice finds!

Sunnyana said...

I think I still have a couple of little pots similar to your Counterpoint one. I love the blue & green sheet! It looks very refreshing on a hot day like today. I remember it from Seventeen.

lorlore said...

Might I just say, your photos are looking quite fabulous!! Good job!!!!

Ellie Rae said...

I love all your finds. I go around collecting vintage things, too.