Sunday, July 6, 2014

Patterns From The Past: McCall's 8245 A Dress In Six Versions

Today's featured pattern is McCall's # 8245, as seen here in this vintage ad from one of my Seventeen magazines:
Four versions are shown on the pattern front:
As you can see, the version on the model in the ad is the one on the right, with the bow on the sash tied in the back, rather than in the front, and made with the two "wild orange and yellow" contrasting fabrics in stripes and polka dots.
Some of the styles are also illustrated on the back side of the pattern:
I think my favorite may be the black and white gingham with the eyelet trimming the sleeves. But I want the pockets, too.
What about you?
How would you make yours?
 (If you were going to.....)

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Tina Dawn said...

I already had picked the black and white with the eyelet sleeves, and then I saw you agreed. I like the pocket idea, maybe with the sash tied in the back. We can be the sisters with the matching outfits once again. LOL. I really like this pattern. Love T