Saturday, July 5, 2014

S & H Green Stamps

Readers of a certain age will most certainly remember their parents collecting and redeeming S&H Green Stamps, along with Blue Chip stamps, Plaid Stamps and a number of others.
I came across this cute little box at a thrift shop. It would have been the perfect little holder for your stamp booklets and your loose stamps:
Click here to read a history of the stamps from Wikipedia.
I love the little "stamps" on this wooden box:
When you had collected enough of the stamps, you could redeem them toward any number of items from catalogs like this:
Shown below, you see all kinds of things perfect for your outdoor cooking and camping - great items to help you enjoy your summer!
We always camped as kids on our family vacations. It was the only kind of vacation we knew, really - and we LOVED it!
I have to mention that I happen to love the colorful artwork on that page above - groovy!


Margaret said...

My Mom collected plaid stamps and got me a bunk bed set for my dolls! Then our cat took it over :) Happy Memories! Maggies

Georgia Peachez said...

Okay, now I REALLY feel old. When I was in college and on my own I collected S*H green stamps. There was a redemption store within walking distance of my college housing. Very key since I didn't have a car. I remember saving up my stamps with my meager grocery purchases and "redeeming" them for a corning ware coffee pot and an ironing board. In fact I still own that same ironing board, they never go out of style do they. ha!

Tina Dawn said...

I love the dress the lady with the round glasses on the idea book is wearing. I remember very well taking the stamp books to the redemption store and the excitement of getting something for nothing! For some reason I think I remember us getting a hand mixer once. Whoo Hoo! Love T