Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Disneyland Trip : Post Number Two

This trip to Disneyland in June included a few "firsts" for me.
I have stayed at the two other Disney hotels on the property, but never the Paradise Pier, which is where Lori and I stayed this time:
It was nice:
Cute "beachy" theming in the rooms:
I love the look of the Cozy Cone Motel food court in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure.
We've never gotten anything to eat there. Maybe some day..
Couldn't resist this gorgeous rose.
I may be mistaken, but I THINK it's the Disneyland Rose - yes, there really is one!
I think we may have been on the Golden Zephyr when I took this one:
Another lovely flower,  a sunny yellow hibiscus:
Leave it to me to take a picture of a magazine stand (that really isn't); you know how I love my vintage magazines!
Mater's Junkyard Jamboree; thanks for the ride, buddy!
Another first: Lori and I took a short trip on the Red Car Trolley:
Had to get a shot of Mickey Mouse!
Behind him, you can see the Carthay Circle Restaurant:
This is a vintage Dumbo memorabilia display inside the Carthay Lounge:
We had never even been inside before; here's a shot of the bar area:
We decided to have lunch in the Lounge, where we both chose the wonderfully refreshing Wildberry Lemonade (which happens to be non-alcoholic):
We shared two appetizers, the Queso Fundido with Tortillas:
And the Carthay Flat Bread ( no asparagus on my half):
I would very happily go have that flat bread again as a meal.
I also went to the Carthay Circle Restaurant for dinner on another night with Matt and Wendy.
 We did the World Of Color Dining Package, which means that you choose your courses from a specific menu , and then you are given a pass that allows you entry into a preferred viewing area for showtime. (NOT preferred seating. Standing only.)
The only thing I remembered to take a picture of that evening was the dessert.
I think this was called the Valrhona Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee Tart With Fresh Raspberries:
What a pretty little dessert!
It was a delectable ending to our meal.
And then later that evening we saw the fabulous World Of Color show along Paradise Bay. 
I did not actually get very many souvenirs this time, but one thing I DID want was a little Fillmore toy vehicle - because he's a Volkswagen, and because he has hippie-style graffiti all over him. 
And what better pin to go with him than a groovy chartreuse Mickey Mouse peace sign? 
My daughter-in-law was celebrating her recent graduation with her Master's degree in nursing, so she got an "I Graduated" button, and Matt and I got  "I'm Celebrating" buttons to wear that day at the parks.
And I decided I needed another magnet, because I just thought  this one for "Poppins' Penguins Catering Co." would look awfully cute on our refrigerator:
But, you know, for me, at least - EVERY day at a Disney Park is a day for "Celebrating"!
It IS, after all, My Happiest Place.


Tina Dawn said...

I love Fillmore too, how cute he is! He fits right into our family. Looks like good food and good comfy sleeping quarters. Love T

Sunnyana said...

Thanks for sharing more Disney pics. They didn't start building California Adventure until after I moved to Oregon so I've never been there. I hadn't even heard of the World of Color show so I looked it up and watched a part of it on YouTube. It looks pretty amazing!