Friday, October 3, 2014

Celebrating The 75th Anniversary Of Nestle's Toll House Morsels

Nestle is marking their 75th anniversary this year "Celebrating Baking The Very Best".
I haven't found these Halloween morsels yet at my store, but I'll keep an eye out because I like the idea of using them to bake up some Halloween goodies:
 But I absolutely do feel very strongly that their Original and fabulous Semi-Sweet Toll House Morsels are, indeed, "The Very Best". (I have written about Nestle's a number of times here on this blog.):
I am one of those people that ALWAYS has at least one bag of Toll House Morsels in their pantry.
Are YOU one of those people?
I happen to have Milk Chocolate on hand, too:
And some Premier White Morsels of goodness:
Nestle is always coming up with something new!
Usually, I am compelled to try them - being the tried-and-true fan that I am, you see!
These new "Delightfulls" sound pretty good to me - Dark Chocolate Morsels With Mint Filling:
I have a box of Nestle Baking cocoa in my baking pantry, too:
So, last week I decided to make some brownies. I used a package of their "Winter" chocolate and mint morsels for those, along with pecans:
And then I decided to make some good old Nestle's Toll House Cookies this week.
 (I'm sure you already know the recipe, but if you don't, click here.)
 I had a few bags in the cupboard that needed to be used up, so rather than breaking open one of my new bags, I threw in some semi-sweet, some minis, and some milk chocolate morsels. Oh, and walnuts, of course:
I mean, I had to celebrate their anniversary, right?
Didn't I?
I mean, DIDN'T I??
(Help me out here, people.)


Sheryl said...

Last fall I saw this on someone's blog, I don't remember who so I can't give them the credit for the idea. When you take your toll house cookies from the oven, use a toothpick to draw eight little spider legs around each visable chip using the warm chocolate. Sort of a dip and pull out motion.

Tina Dawn said...

Yes, you did. I guess I am a bad person, I have no Nestle's chocolate or morsels in my house right now. But your post makes me want to get some, especially the ones with mint inside. Love T