Monday, October 13, 2014

Then And Now #100: Aerosoles Brown Suede Shoes

Today's "Then And Now" post is a little bit different.
Let's call it Then, Now, and "forever".
This Aerosoles advertisement is from 1995.
 I found it in an old magazine.
I liked the shoes.....
.....because they reminded me of my own pair of similar brown suede Aerosoles.
I found them at a thrift store about five or six ( or more?) years ago.
(Gee, I wear brown tights with mine, too).
I'm not sure what I paid for them, probably around two or three dollars:
I do not know how old they are -  they're definitely not new - and I really like them:
They're comfortable.
They're perfect for fall.
 I paid far less than retail for them, and I am planning to continue to wear them.
So, to quote their ad from 1995, "Forever" means to me that they are well-made and will last a good long while.
 (Maybe not forever, but still...)
"Then" means that back before I found them at the thrift store, they had a previous life with their original owner,
and "Now" means I am still wearing them right now, and they still look pretty darned good.
I don't know about you, but I love it when I find perfectly nice shoes at the thrift store.
As a matter of fact, I have found some really nice - and really comfortable - boots and shoes that I have practically worn into the ground, I liked them so much!
 Doesn't bother me one bit that somebody else loved them previously.
In fact, I have purchased a number of pairs that look virtually brand new.
And I'm glad that some other woman paid full price for them, so that I didn't have to!


Tina Dawn said...

Love those 1995 shoes. Love T

Sheryl said...

They are very attractive and they continue to be in style. I too pick up shoes and boots previously loved.

Melanie said...

I really like both pairs of shoes, and love when you do these type of posts!