Saturday, October 4, 2014

Patterns From The Past: McCall's And Raggedy Ann....Again

When I found this McCall's pattern, below (dated 1970).....
 It reminded me of  Tina's post back in 2011, where she wrote about the smock tops she made after she gave birth to her son, Josh.
Here again is the adorable photo she posted:
And she mentioned that when she found this Raggedy Ann and Andy pattern (number 2530, below) that Raggedy Ann's dress was made with the very same fabric she had used to make her cute smock top:
The people at McCall's must have been very fond of that fabric, because they also used it in the depictions on the front of not only my pattern at the top of this post, but also the pattern below, which is dated 1971:
It is quite the bright and pretty floral print - no wonder everybody wanted to use it!
"This Is A Raggedy Ann Pattern":
Now, all that's left, as Tina mentioned, is to find some of the vintage fabric in question at a thrift store! Right?
Let us know is you come across any, won't you??
(Oh, and I should perhaps mention that the doll pattern is also from 1970, rather than 1972.)


Tina Dawn said...

This is so funny, for over 3 years I have been planning to write another post about these patterns and this fabric! I guess I'd better get around to it! LOL. I do have more to add. Love this! Love T

Tina Dawn said...
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Heidi Ann said...

Tina - I am looking forward to reading whatever it is you have to add, so get with it, Sister!!