Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Festival Mix From Jelly Belly

I had actually forgotten that I'd written about this candy back in October of 2012, when I bought some at Nelson's Columbia Candy Kitchen, located in Columbia State Historic Park.
I didn't know who made it back then, and an anonymous commenter had kindly informed me that it was called "Fall Festival Mix".
I truly did not remember.
But we found the candy again this year, and I later discovered that I had written about it previously.
When I went back and read my other post (and the comments) recently, I saw where the (anonymous) person had told me what it was, and also that it was made by the Jelly Belly Company.
My favorite thing in the festive mix is the Cinnamon Candy Corn.
They sell it packaged in (7.5 oz.) bags like the one seen below for around $5.99 SRP, but there doesn't seem to be a store in our area that carries them.
At the Candy Kitchen,  the mix costs $13.00 a pound.
So we only bought 1/4 of a pound!
It didn't last long.
 My husband decided to look online, and he found the very best deal on eBay.
He ordered some - and we received it the very next day (the seller was in Auburn, CA.)
 So....we have plenty, now.
A close-up picture, from the internet:
I love going into the Columbia Candy Kitchen to see their seasonal candies and displays.
 I could very easily spend a small fortune in there on a regular basis. They have three locations, actually. There's the one on Main Street in the State Park, where they make the candies, and also a storefront at the Junction Shopping Center in Sonora, and another one in Murphys, California.
If you are partial to the cinnamon flavored candy corn (like me), you can also buy this Giant Corn Mix made by the Jelly Belly Company, which includes the Cinnamon Candy Corn as one of the three flavors inside.
That is, if you are lucky enough to live in an area where you can find that sort of thing!
(The Columbia Candy Kitchen does not sell the pre-packaged bags like those I've shown here (which would be lovely as gifts, I must say), only the Fall Festival Mix in bulk, by the pound  - or fraction of a pound, if you're like us!)


Tina Dawn said...

Looks very delicious. I have always loved candy corn and its related pieces. I will have to look for a bag. Love T

Melanie said...

Ooh, I'll have to look for the Fall Festival Mix!
On a different subject, everything you post reminds me of something. I used to eat ice cream out of white lotus bowls (like you have the candy in) with one of my grandmothers. When I spent the night with her, we would go down to the kitchen late at night and make us each a bowl. I wish I had one of her bowls.
I just love your blog.