Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wicked, Witchy Women?

 This witchy woman is an illustration out of a vintage book, and she wanted to wish you a frightful start to this Halloween week.
Frankly, I was afraid to tell her no, because.......

Who knows what sort of spells she may be casting while she dances around her cauldron in the night, as the bats fly about overhead?
I found a cute t-shirt at a thrift store:
 Not so wicked, really.
And the witch die-cut vintage decoration seen below was in an envelope with some other things at a yard sale. I just stuck it onto the front of my zodiac tray.
 I found the neat black cat votive holder at a thrift shop, and the orange enamelware tea kettle at another yard sale. It's orange and black- that makes it a Halloween decoration, as far as I'm concerned!
What are you cooking up in YOUR cauldron today??


EM said...

What a tiny cauldron that first witch has!

Tina Dawn said...

Last night we went to a costume surprise birthday party and I was El Dorado Rose! Hubby was a character from Where the Wild Things Are, and kept his black wig and horns on all night! Love T

Anonymous said...

How funny, no one dresses up like clowns anymore...... to scary. Or to many people with clown phobias.