Monday, October 27, 2014

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity Costumes For Halloween, Circa 1970

Today's installment of  "Patterns From The Past" is all about cute costumes!
First up, this absolutely adorable little witch in her costume made from Simplicity Pattern number 9052:
Here's the front of the vintage pattern, below - just add a broomstick, and you're off......:
And this dear little lady might be heading off to join the circus in her clown costume crafted with the help of Simplicity Pattern number 9051.
All done up in red and white stripes and polka-dots:
Take the same pattern and do it with ruffles and rick-rack, add some pom poms and patches - cute!
And on the front of that pattern, you see the two different styles, in different color combinations.
 (Boy, the possibilities are endless with this one!)

Last of all, we have the dearest little bunny rabbit from Simplicity Pattern number 9050.
 This costume would certainly keep your little one warm, if Halloween night is a cold one where you live.
It looks so sweet in white with pink......
And it looks great in pink with white, too, as seen here on the pattern front.
 She could be a rabbit at Halloween time, or an Easter Bunny come spring:
Oh, I'm feeling rather nostalgic for simpler days when children might have actually been happy to wear one of these sweet creations.
I'd like to think there are some kids who would still like them, even today.

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Tina Dawn said...

So cute, love the first clown the most I think. Love T