Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The El Dorado Roses attend a Luncheon

Good morning, Tina here. 

Last Sunday I, along with seven other El Dorado Rose Association members, attended the 16th Annual Fall Luncheon held in support of the Mother Teresa Maternity Home, at the Gurnell Hall at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Placerville, California.

It was a beautiful, almost too warm, clear day.

The attendees were met at the door by a very welcoming hostess who served a choice of ice water, coffee, mimosas or champagne. There were also some little fruit tarts. What a nice start as we waited for the doors to open!

Claudia and Suzanne met up with me at the door, dressed in their finest Rose clothing. We always include hats and gloves in our outfits. This day our hats all featured birds, since our table's theme was "Going to the Birds".

A few of us had decorated the table on Friday and Saturday and as we gathered there we had a few additions, including the ostrich feathers.

I walked around before the luncheon started, checking out some of the many tables (There were 29!) and their themes. Above is "Cat in the Hat".

One of my favorites, above, with noose napkin rings, gold pan "plates", bags of gold, and mason jar wine glasses, is "Old Hangtown".

Another favorite, since the Gold Country Girls' mom collected the Autumn Leaf design, was "Harvest Blessings".

Another "Cat in the Hat". Colorful and fun. I wonder where they found that hat!?

"No Place Like Home". Their tin man was amazing.

I didn't get the theme name of the table above, but I bet it had something to do with Hawaii or travel.

"Tea in the Afternoon".

The young granddaughter of a friend of mine from the Shakespeare Club (who was the luncheon chairman) planned and executed this table "Stick It!"  The placecards were hand stamped with gymnasts, and decorating the table were actual silhouettes of McKenna in gymnastic poses. The lucky ladies sitting there each had a "gold" metal to wear, made of candy coins.

This yummy looking table was called "Candy Land" and it had bowls of candy all over!

"Enchanted Garden" complete with fairies and moss trees and even twinkling lights.

"Froggy Goes a Luncheon" by a mother and daughter team, who just happened to be our next door neighbors for a while when we lived on Woodland Drive in 1969.

"Just Clowning Around".

"Autumn is Here", this is the table where the priests sat. Best behavior please!

"Let's Take a Road Trip", Very clever, and if I had to guess, it might be where our retired sheriff, who also helped serve the wine, dressed in a tux, sat.

I didn't get the name of the table, above, but it included a beautiful ceramic nativity set and this wonderful crocheted tablecloth.

These rather surprised and grumpy looking goldfish were in one of three bowls on the table entitled "Under the Sea"

Back at our table, where we Roses were part of the decorations with our hats we each designed ourselves, the only direction we were given was that they were to have birds on them.

I neglected to get a good shot of the plates, which were each decoupaged with a lovely bird illustration from an old book.  We also each decorated a miniature bird house.

Dianna and Sharon check out a photo.

My place at the table.

Claudia and Kathy (hidden by feather) are served ice water by Mary Kay, whose hat was decorated with an actual bird's nest.

Carol made little edible bird's nests out of Chinese noodles, and filled them with Jelly Belly "eggs".

We had fun trying to photograph ourselves and show the tops of our hats at the same time. Easier said than done! This is Kathy in my favorite hat of the day.

Sharon had lovebirds on her hat! She specifically said this is the only time she would ever wear it.

I just love this shot of Suzanne, above.

We had a great time, and enjoyed supporting the young mothers, some of whom were there with their little ones, one little girl in a polka dot dress wandered a bit, visiting and gracing us with her delightful smile.


Laurie said...

Looks like fun! So much work and creativity, love it!

Laurie S.

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, what a delightful post, Tina!
I absolutely loved seeing all of the table settings, bird-decorated hats and "Rose" costumes!
Not to mention, seeing some of the familiar faces again of the nice ladies whom I have had the pleasure of meeting at the El Dorado Rose events.
I have always loved the idea of a luncheon like that with differently decorated themed tables, but I have never attended one. It all looks fabulous.

Melanie said...

This event looks like so much fun! The themed tables are all so pretty, as are your costumes!