Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Last Farmer's Market Of The Season

Today marks the date of our last Farmer's Market of the season here in downtown Sonora.
I snapped these photos last week.
This beautiful mural is painted on the wall of the parking lot where the market is held. A local artist named Judy Grossman was the Master Artist behind this community project.
 Photos of some of our favorite things to buy at the market - starting with big red tomatoes:
 And my favorite - cherry tomatoes:
 Here's a closer look at the right side of the mural. There is a special tribute within the mural to honor the life of Eleazar Rodriguez, aka "Ed, The Flower Guy", who died in an accident in September 2012, on his way home from the market where he had been a flower vendor for seven years.
 Somebody else sells flowers in his old spot now:
 Last of all, we have these lovely pomegranates....
 ....and some pumpkins!
Sadly, our downtown market won't be open again until next May.
But then, that gives us something to look forward to!


Tina Dawn said...

Beautiful! I always enjoyed going there with you. Love T

Annette said...

Those pictures belong in a magazine. Very pretty!!

Diane said...

Those strawberries look heavenly! No more markets here until next year too :(